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Is Your Clinginess Pushing Him Away?


You texted him three times this morning, called him last night and he still hasn’t responded. In fact, it feels like he has been pulling away for some time now. You start to think, “Does he not want to spend time with me anymore? Am I not pretty enough?” Your mind begins to wander as […]

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5 Ways Women Can Realize Their Own Worth


So the more and more I talk to family, friends and clients I begin to notice the similarities in areas where women feel insecure or unhappy. The #1 area women have the most trouble with is realizing their own worth. It’s kindaย sad really because I’m sure you know plenty of women that seem to have […]

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Why Men Have Better Professional Networks

Why do men have better professional networks than women? Especially in a time like ours when we are supposed to be breaking gender boundaries and rooting for our female counterparts. 3 words. “The Boyโ€™s Club.” The Boyโ€™s Club is built from generations of professional relationships between men. Those relationship were first developed on the foundations […]

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