neille fenderson

“Zabrina is the woman you can trust. She is reliable and will follow through. She laughs with me on my happy days, she encourages me on my sad days. She is a go-getter. When she dreams something, she really strives for it and encourages everyone around her to also pursue their dreams. Zabrina knows when to listen and when she needs to speak up and encourages you to get your butt into action! Life is fun and you see yourself challenged for the good around her. She is energetic and her energy is contagious. ”

Neille Fenderson – Delta Airlines, Flight Attendant


elisabeth bottomly“Zabrina has been an inspiration to me for the fourteen years I have been blessed to know her. As a woman of impeccable character with genuine desire to empower women into manifesting their destiny, Zabrina is a gifted leader that inspires those around her to unshackle and emancipate themselves from their own doubts and materialize their best life possible.

After a couple of years stagnancy in my professional life, Zabrina has helped me to rediscover my goals and assist me in taking the steps necessary towards achieving them. Her talents not only helped me professionally, but personally as well, being the incredible friend and support system she has been for me since I’ve known her. Most recently, she encouraged me to re-evaluate a toxic relationship I had been drowning in that was taking my energy and drive away from my true passions, and motivated me to love myself enough to let this person go. I don’t know if I could have taken this imperative life step without her support.

I encourage every woman looking to redefine their life with a more positive light to reach out to Zabrina Janda. You will not regret it.”

Elisabeth Bottomly – United Medical Devices, International Business Development Manager


dr. ellen morello“Zabrina is THE coach for new online entrepreneurs. Zabrina was able to put EVERYTHING together for me. As someone who struggles with tech and design, Zabrina was a life-saver. She is a genius with WordPress, landing pages, Facebook ads… Zabrina can handle everything you need to run an online business! Her tutorials vault is FILLED with awesome tech videos that she did herself. And best of all, she is AMAZING at branding! She designed a gorgeous website for me from scratch. She picked the best photos, designed amazing images on Canva, and put it all together for me. She is also incredibly skilled at business strategy, constantly helping me to up-level my business. She knows how to handle the details as well as the “big picture”. I’d be lost without her! Thank you Zabrina for all that you do!!”

Dr. Ellen Morello – Mind & Bodhi Coach, Dr. Ellen Coaching


shannon clarke“Zabrina has always made anyone and everyone feel empowered and as if they can conquer the world even after meeting them for the first time. She has so much positive energy and she is so passionate about seeing everyone happy and excited about their career or life in general. After every conversation with Zabrina I feel so much more positive and like I can do so much more with her encouragement and support every step of the way. She is the sweetest, most caring person who genuinely understands what it is like to be stuck in a job that makes you miserable or in a rut where you feel like you’re never going to get out. She knows how to be your best friend and your coach while helping you achieve your best you.”

Shannon Clarke – Abacus Group, LLC, Executive Recruiter


ali wendroff“Zabrina is a friend, confidant, mentor and leader always eager to learn more, yet filled with insights that will make your world spin with happiness and positivity and enlighten or heighten your true sense of self. She is a true inspiration both professionally and personally!”

Ali Wendroff – Kargo, Business Development Manager


lauren king

“Zabrina’s drive and successful, bright energy exudes off onto everyone around her. After one session with Zabrina, I felt confident and had an uplifting and aspiring outlook on my future. After two sessions with Zabrina, I have multiple goals set to change my current career path and practical ways I could start putting them into motion. She quite possibly changed my entire life in the best way. I feel uplifted, assured and confident in my path and purpose.”

Lauren King –  Road Runner Sports, Inventory Support Specialist